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Jimdo Pricing Which Plan Makes Most Sense?

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Robert Brandl

Robert Brandl


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You can use Jimdo to create a simple website or an online shop, and so Jimdo offers two groups of plans: Website and Online Shop. Here’s a brief overview:

For Websites

  • PLAY 0€ (free of charge so you can have a play around)
  • START $11 (comes with a free domain name and no ads)
  • GROW $18 (gives you more storage space)
  • UNLIMITED $45 (comes with a professional design analysis)

For Online Shops

  • BASIC $18 (includes one shop design)
  • BUSINESS $26 (option to add different versions of products)
  • VIP $45 (receive premium support within one hour)

Our intelligent Smart Finder algorithm finds the perfect Jimdo plan for you in less than a minute.

Smart Finder: 1 minute to find the right Jimdo plan


Check out the table below for a closer look at the features included with each of the plans.

Please note: All prices are for the latest Jimdo Dolphin version. If you would like pricing information for the old Jimdo Creator version, please click here.

Jimdo Website Plans

Professional domain nameNoYes*Yes*Yes*
Email inboxNoForwarding or Google Workspace**Forwarding or Google Workspace**Forwarding or Google Workspace**
DesignsAll includedAll includedAll includedAll included
Number of pages51050Unlimited
Storage space500 MB5 GB15 GBUnlimited
Bandwidth2 GB10 GB20 GBUnlimited
SupportNoStandard support (one or two working days)Standard support (one or two working days)Premium support (within one hour)
Monthly price on a 12-month contract0€11€18€45€
More InfoCreate a free Jimdo website

* Domain name free for the first 12 months. $20/year after that.
** There is no extra charge for forwarding. Google Workspace costs an extra $6/month.

Jimdo's plans in detail

Jimdo PLAY

As the name suggests, this free plan is perfect if you’re just looking to play around a bit. If you’ve never created a website before or if you’ve tried to in the past but just ended up getting frustrated and giving up, you’ll soon realize that it really isn’t that difficult to build an online presence these days.

All you have to do is pick a design, answer a few questions, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a first draft! You’re then free to change and tweak it as you see fit using the Editor. No worries at all if you don’t have any programming experience.

This plan isn’t designed with professional projects in mind, so you’ll see Jimdo advertising. And you won’t be able to link an email inbox or a proper domain name. The website won’t appear on search engines either, unfortunately. If these restrictions are a problem for you, may we suggest that you go for Jimdo START – the most basic of the paid plans.


Jimdo START is perfect for small website projects, with the maximum number of pages limited to ten subpages. It may not take long to hit that limit, but system pages like the legal information, terms and conditions, and privacy policy luckily don’t count. Non-commercial projects don’t normally need subpages in the same way anyway, so you can see that this plan is the top choice for personal websites.

Jimdo START allows you to use a proper domain name. It’s even included in the price for the first year (e.g., .com, .net, .org) and then costs $20/year after that. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any Jimdo ads.

You don’t get a professional email inbox, but you can either set up email forwarding at no extra cost or add Google Workspace. That costs an extra $6/month/user.

There is also the option of search engine optimization (SEO) for Google. You can update your page titles and meta descriptions in no time, with the Jimdo Boost app on hand to help optimize the content on your website.

If you’re keen to find out more about your website’s performance and visitors, you can use the statistics tool included.

Jimdo GROW

Jimdo GROW gives you scope to create up to 50 subpages. Plus, you get even more storage space (15 GB) and bandwidth (20 GB). As a general rule, we wouldn’t recommend Jimdo for large projects, so this should give you plenty of everything you need.

You can also set up five lots of email forwarding, which should be perfect for small companies that need to use a few different email addresses.

Everything else is the same as Jimdo START.


In the unlikely case that the other plans don’t provide you with enough storage space or bandwidth, you can always opt for the all-inclusive UNLIMITED package. The free email forwarding is not unlimited, however. But you can set up forwarding to a maximum of 20 email addresses.

The main selling point of Jimdo UNLIMITED is the speed of the responses from the support team. You are guaranteed an answer to your questions within one hour. With the other plans, you’ll find yourself having to wait for one or two working days.

A design expert will perform a one-off professional analysis on your website. They won’t actually do any design work for you, but they can offer helpful tips so you can make improvements.

Unlike with any of the other plans, “Business Listings” is included here. Keep reading to find out more about what exactly that entails.

What Is Business Listings?

You remember the Yellow Pages, right? If you needed to find a workman or locksmith in the past, you’d flick through the thick, yellow business directory. These days, we tend to turn to Google to find what we’re looking for. It’s a much quicker option and we’re all glued to our cell phones all the time anyway.

With Jimdo’s Business Listings option, you can manage your company’s contact details centrally and you will automatically be listed on Google, Facebook, and other trade directories. Any updates, say to your address or phone number, will be applied automatically.

Jimdo Online Shop Plans

Payment optionsPayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debitPayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debitPayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit
Delivery optionsStandard deliveryStandard deliveryStandard delivery
Transaction feeNoNoNo
Number of itemsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Product versionsNoYesYes
Discount optionsNoYesYes
Drop shippingNot possibleNot possibleNot possible
Storage space10 GB15 GBUnlimited
SupportYes (email)Yes (email and live chat)Yes (email within one hour and live chat)
Monthly price on a 12-month contract18€26€45€
More InfoCreate a Jimdo Online Shop

Please note: You can test out most of the Jimdo Online Shop features free of charge. But you won’t be able to actually publish your shop without paying for a plan.


If you’ve been toying with the idea of opening up an online shop, you need Jimdo BASIC at the very least. But we want to make one thing clear from the very beginning: Even though there aren’t any limits on the number of items you can add, Jimdo is predominantly designed for small shops. So if you are looking to set up a shop with several hundred items, we would recommend that you go with a different provider, such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

Managing a small shop is no problem at all, though. 10 GB should be more than sufficient for this. Just remember that you can only sell physical products (with delivery or collection as the two options). You cannot use Jimdo to sell digital products like e-books or video training courses.

You’ll be happy to hear that there is no commission to be paid to Jimdo. You may be aware that such fees apply on the likes of eBay and Amazon, but in actual fact other online shop providers like Shopify do require commission to be paid too under certain circumstances.

The BASIC plan includes just one specific shop design.

One-to-one support is included, of course, but it is only provided by email. You can also find the answers to lots of questions in the help database.


If you choose Jimdo BUSINESS, you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to your product range and your sales strategy. For example, you can add different versions of products (e.g., T-shirt sizes S, M, L, XL) and offer discounts (on the overall cost or just on delivery). Imagine being able to entice your customers with lots of lovely special offers!

The live chat support is another big bonus here. You can contact the support team directly with all your burning questions rather than having to wait for one or two working days.

The storage space of 15 GB should definitely be plenty for your shop. The shop designs included only vary very slightly from the standard design, so don’t expect your shop to look stunningly different.

Jimdo VIP

The all-inclusive package includes all of the features Jimdo has to offer, including quick support within an hour, an unlimited number of subpages, trade listings, and a one-off professional design analysis. All of this comes at the princely sum of $45/month.

The main advantage of this plan that jumps out at us immediately is the support. Just don’t be under any illusion that your shop will load more quickly or automatically stand out from the competition in some way. You can always start off with the BASIC plan and see if this all-inclusive plan is really necessary for you later on down the line. You can upgrade at any point.

Jimdo free trial

If you have any more questions, please leave us a comment below.

And if you have the feeling that Jimdo isn’t the right tool for you, you might want to check out our Jimdo alternatives here.


If Jimdo mentions anything about a free domain name, be aware that this offer will only apply for the first 12 months. Jimdo points this out in its fine print.

No. Jimdo does offer a free plan, but otherwise you’ll need to sign up for Jimdo on a 12- or 24-month contract. You can cancel your contract within 14 days of signing up.

You can delete free pages directly via the Dashboard. If you have a paid plan, you need to let the support team know that you want to cancel your plan one month before your contract ends. You can find out more about this process here.

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