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Interested in Ecwid’s innovative way to add an online store to your site? The good news is that the company operates under a freemium model, which makes it easy to start without spending anything. You can then upgrade to the plan of your liking is sales are going well.

So this is what you can expect to pay for this ecommerce solution:

Ecwid Pricing: How Much Does It Cost

Ecwid’s Free plan lets you sell 10 physical items a month. With Venture, you can sell 100 physical or digital items for $12.50 a month. The Business plan ($29.17 a month) gives you 2,500 items. Unlimited ($82.50 a month) removes item limits and includes all the sales channels.

Monthly prices

Note that all the prices mentioned above are paid annually. You can also pay monthly, which will cost you a bit more:

  • Venture: $15 a month
  • Business $35 a month
  • Unlimited $99 a month

Ecwid’s Plans in Detail

A benefit of Ecwid is that there are no limits on the integrations based on which plan you choose. All of them work with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla, and more. You can also integrate the plugin on multiple sites, and there are no bandwidth limits.

Aside from that, here are the major differences between each plan:

Feature Free Venture Business Unlimited
Number of products 10 100 2,500 Unlimited
Digital goods Max 25GB per file Max 25GB per file Max 25GB per file
Store management
Team accounts 2 Unlimited
Product filters  – Yes Yes
Product variations  – Yes Yes
Product dimensions Yes Yes
Store Management App Yes Yes Yes
White-label OS and Android shopping App Yes
Advanced features
Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Snapchat advertising Yes Yes Yes Yes
Abandoned cart saver  –  – Yes Yes
Automated abandoned cart emails  –  – Yes Yes
Discount Coupons Yes Yes Yes
Automated tax calculations  –  Yes Yes Yes
Access to App Market with extensions  –  – Yes Yes
Inventory Management  –  Yes Yes Yes
Advanced SEO  –  Yes Yes Yes
Sales channels
Amazon, Etsy, and eBay integration  – Yes Yes
Google Shopping  – Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Shop  – Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Store  – Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Point of Sale  – Yes Yes Yes
Point of Sale  –  –  – Yes
Square POS integration (US, UK, CA, JP and AUS only)  –  –  – Yes
Chat  – Yes Yes Yes
Phone  –  – Yes Yes
Priority support  –  – yes
Free customization programming hours  –  – 2 hours 12 hours
Pricing (paid monthly) $0 $15 / month $35 / month $99 / month
Pricing (paid annually) $0 $12.50 / month $29.17 / month $82.50 / month
Trial Try out the free Ecwid plan

Extra Add-ons and Services

The Ecwid team is available in case you require specific options and integrations. Some customization hours are included in the Business and Unlimited plan, but you can also purchase:

  • Custom development: for third-party integrations or design options. This starts at $100 depending on the project
  • Store setup: the team can help you set up payments, your product catalog, and POS syncing. Also, from $100.

The Ecwid app store, which is only accessible with the Business and Unlimited plans, also includes all kinds of free and paid apps. The paid ones are at the pricier end of the spectrum. For instance, for $5.99 a month, you can let customers know when items are back in stock. You can also pay $39 a month to add loyalty, referral, and rewards programs.

Final Thoughts – Is Ecwid Good Value?

Of course, if you already have a website and only need to sell under 10 physical products a month, the Free plan is as good as it gets.

With the introduction of Instant Site, Ecwid now also allows you to create your online store just on their platform. The much more common use case, however, is still to add Ecwid as an ecommerce plugin to your existing site. And then you’ll need to pay for hosting, a domain name, and other bits and bobs.

This could set you back a few bucks, and WooCommerce has a lot more features out of the box as a free plugin, such as advanced SEO, user ratings, and support for digital goods and services. Of course, Ecwid is a lot easier to manage than WooCommerce.

The fact that you can’t add product variants or filters with Ecwid unless you go for the Business or Unlimited plan is quite an inconvenience. It’s all basic stuff with Shopify or WooCommerce, plus you get access to tons of WordPress plugins for free. The Ecwid apps are rather expensive.

Finally, if you’re looking at unlimited item sales, it becomes even harder to recommend Ecwid because it’s something you get with every Shopify plan, every BigCommerce plan, and every WooCommerce plan.

Read more about these platforms in our Shopify review, our BigCommerce review, our Shopify vs BigCommerce test, and our WooCommerce review.

It’s also more affordable with Wix ($23/month) or Squarespace ($27/month).

Having said all that, Ecwid is still a great solution (both temporary or permanently) if your current CMS or website builder doesn’t offer enough features for your ecommerce business.

Read our full Ecwid review. Or see how it compares to the best of the online store builders.

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